Alison Cunningham Growth & Independence Fund

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This fund was conceived to honor Alison’s legacy of creating innovative programs to end homelessness.


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The Growth & Independence Fund will be used to ensure that those experiencing homelessness will always have a safe haven while also providing the resources needed to create innovative new programs, take advantage of opportunities that come our way and to acquire property in order to increase the availability of safe, affordable housing for those who currently have no place to call home.


Here are just a few examples of programs and initiatives that would not have been possible without a solid funding base in place:

  • The acquisition of the Middlesex Family Shelter which provides 7 units of shelter for families with children
  • The Jim Vlock Building Project in collaboration with the Yale School of Architecture which will result in the construction of 11 new units of affordable housing by 2021
  • The acquisition of the Wallingford Emergency Shelter
  • The acquisition of Peterson Properties in Middletown which offers 27 units of affordable housing
  • The creation of the Hamden Warming Center in partnership with the Town of Hamden
  • The acquisition and build-out of the new Men’s Seasonal Overflow Shelter in New Haven
  • The acquisition of the Middletown Warming Center in partnership with the Town of Middletown

None of these initiatives or the many others that were launched by Columbus House over the past 21 years would be possible without your willingness to make a meaningful investment in our work.


The Alison Cunningham Growth & Independence Fund will ensure that we continue to have the financial resources in place to think creatively about how we manage our programs, quickly seize opportunities and continue working toward a day when homelessness as we know it no longer exists.


Please consider making a contribution, in addition to your regular support, to this very special fund in Alison’s honor. Thank you.


Support Alison's Vision