HOMELESS:HOUSED, an innovative project between Columbus House and Yale School of Architecture, produced six buildings designed specifically for those experiencing homelessness – each providing our most vulnerable neighbors with permanent, supportive housing that is replicable, sustainable, and low impact. Initially a five-year project beginning in 2017, one house per year was constructed, transforming targeted vacant lots throughout New Haven into new, beautifully designed homes. In 2022, it was decided the partnership would continue for a sixth year!


The first two buildings are duplexes – each provides a residence for a small family and a single adult. The third building design includes three apartments and the fourth design consists of two one-bedroom apartments. The fifth design is an affordable one-family homeownership property that was sold to a new homeowner with the help of Neighborhood Housing Services and their affiliate, HOC Reality, in May 2023. The sixth design was built on the property of the third structure, creating an additional unique, affordable home for a formerly homeless adult. Take a look at and virtually tour these wonderful homes in the photos and videos below. Learn more about the sixth home in the Yale Daily News, the New Haven Independent, and the 2022 student Instagram page (lots of photos!).




Above: Highlights from the Ribbon Cutting celebrating the purchase of the fifth homeownership house.




Above: A look inside the fourth house.



Above: Highlights from the third house. 



Above: A live tour of the second home.




Above: A live tour of the first home.



Above: Featuring the first home, A New Haven by Anne Munger and Matt Marr, was created as an entry in The American Institute of Architects I Look Up Film Challenge.



Above: Featuring the first home, this video was created by Columbus House for the Liberty Bank Foundation competition.




Above: A short video about the project from sponsor Pella Windows and Doors features the first home.



5th Home

May 2022


YSOA Vlock Building Project House 5 collage.jpg



4th Home

July 2020



November 2020




3rd Home

July 2019 (look inside the third house in the videos above)


Vlock Plymouth collage.jpg



2nd Home

Design chosen May 2018


Vlock Team G House rendering sm.jpg


Foundation poured

IMG_1643 low res.jpg


Walls going up





Vlock House 2 low res 6_26_18.jpgVlock House 2 low res 6_26_18 4.jpgVlock House 2 low res 6_26_18 3.jpgVlock House 2 low res 6_26_18 2.jpg


Trusses! 7.3.18


8.24.18 Students' last day on building site. We're grateful for their amazing work!IMG_0261 low res.jpgIMG_0193 low res.jpgIMG_0204 low res.jpg

IMG_0203low res.jpg

IMG_0245 low res.jpg

IMG_0251 low res.jpg

IMG_0185 low res.jpg


Open House 10.15.18



Time to move-in! 1.16.19




1st Home

Foundation is poured! 7.28.17


DSCN7480 low res.jpgDSCN7466 low res.jpg










Neighborhood Cookout 8.15.17



House is ready for contractors to complete 8.15.17



Exterior completed. Interior floors are being laid. Walls are up. Stairs are in. Cabinets are being installed.  9.21.17

Homeless Housed Vlock House 1 9_17b.jpgHomeless Housed Vlock House 1 9_17.jpg


Open house celebration 10.2.17

Adeline open house low res.jpgAdeline open house low res 2.jpg

Adeline open house low res 3.jpgAdeline open house low res 4.jpg


Furniture is delivered 12.19.17



Move-in, just in time for the holidays! 12.20.17

057 cropped_low_res.jpg



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